Dualboot Ubuntu on Macbook


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This is the best of the two worlds.

Macbook: OSX Leopard, 64bit, duo-core

I basically followed ubuntu forum’s article which you can easily google. I twisted the installation instruction a bit and here’s a brief update.

  1. Run bootcamp from Leopard to assign Windows partition, although we’re going to use this partition for Ubuntu.

  2. Install rEFit, edit refit.conf and uncomment legacyfirst, which should be the last line in the default configuration. This will set Linux to be the first boot option.

  3. Download 64-bit Ubuntu desktop edition, run md5 against the image and verify with ubuntu md5sum sheet, then burn the iso image.

  4. Reboot into Ubuntu CD image.

  5. Select manual partition, delete anything other than mac and rEFit partitions. Create a new partition of type ex3 and mtn to /, and the rest space should be allocated to swap. There’re so many instructions nowadays online on how much space should be allocated to swap space.

  6. At the end of installation wizard, click on the advanced button and select to install grub on sda instead of the default hda0.

  7. Finish installation and reboot. You should be presented to rEFit’s graphic boot menu and select partition tool to sync up MBR.

  8. Reboot (at least for me I had to) and you’ll be presented to a sweet Linux/Mac dual boot menu.