My name is Zhao Lü. Zhao is pronounced as ‘ciao’ with a ‘j’ and it means to encourage oneself in Chinese. I was born in Beijing, China. I have lived in USA, UK, Brazil, Switzerland, France, and Germany. I travel quite a bit, 45 countries and counting.


I’m an international technology executive and a passionate programmer who enjoys practicing yoga.

I have worked in R&D for big names like IBM, Orange, and O2, and helped smaller start-ups develop their technical chops. As a developer, I am interested in different programming languages (Ruby, Java, Erlang, C, Swift, Elixir, OCaml, Elm). I like to tinker with hardware such as Arduino and Beagleboard. In 2012, I started my passion project, ForYogi to promote yoga as a life style and connect yoga teachers with resorts to organize retreats. My recent career has been focused on smart mobility and management of autonomous fleet. As a technology leader, I love building teams and growing people. Having done it in 3 continents, the passion continues.

In my spare time, I like to read, take photos with my rangefinder camera, biking and hiking. I used to spend a lot of time running (road and trail) until knee injuries stopped me. I spent a good amount of time playing indoor and sand volleyball as well as basketball. I used to surf in Santa Cruz and Hawaii.

On The Web

In general, I use zlu as my user name on networks when available.

Teaching, Talks, and Presentations